Whose Opinion Counts Most

Internet Troll

We all make decisions in life which are influenced by not only what we see for ourselves but equally what we hear and read about from others – and it’s no exception when it comes to making business decisions especially those bigger life changing decisions like starting a new business!

But how do we know that the information we are reading is factually correct? Could we in all ignorance be reading information (posted for example on Internet forums) that is not only misleading but downright lies? Could it have been posted there with ulterior motives… with the sole intention of depriving people of a legitimate opportunity with a hidden agenda? Some unscrupulous people provide false and totally misleading information for professional jealousy, or to ultimately promote themselves – some even do it for extortion. Let me explain…

I believe it’s absolutely essential that before one makes a significant investment in a life changing business opportunity, that a reasonable amount of due diligence take place. However it is equally vital that the information you obtain is from a reliable source and the people both know what they are talking about and are in fact who they say they are.

Almost every successful businessperson I know has had to cope with more than their fair share of negative comments from people telling them “It won’t work” or “It can’t be done”. Remember… no monument has ever been erected to a critic… on the contrary monuments are usually erected in the memory of people who despite being told otherwise… simply went out and did it!

No doubt all of us would agree that as a communication tool the Internet has revolutionised our world today. It truly is a World Wide Web where almost anyone can upload or download information on virtually every conceivable subject at the click of a mouse – which can be enormously valuable.

But there is a ‘dark side’… as we know only too well the Internet can be used for grossly improper intent. Indeed this powerful weapon is often used by organisations and individuals with the sole purpose of causing damage to others reputation and then offering to charge exorbitant fees to ‘manage’ that person, or company’s reputation and hard earned goodwill. The real victims are YOU and me as this tears away at the very fabric of society.

This is reminiscent of the 30’s in parts of North America where big bully racketeers charged shop keepers ‘protection money’ where in point of fact the primary ones they needed protection from was the racketeers themselves.

The problem with the WWW is that to some extent it is like the Wild West where individuals can make up their own rules and act with seeming impunity. Much like the sleazy tabloid newspapers fed garbage by the paparazzi. We have every reason to believe that many forum moderators themselves prey on legitimate companies, like ourselves, by uploading spurious postings under pseudonyms solely to incite and inflame.

Not surprisingly there are an increasing number of landmark cases being won in the courts by credible ethical companies who have had their reputation sullied by these parasitical people. For specific information of this follow this link; Wikipedia

Consider these facts: Firstly, in many MANY cases I have posted information on various forums to answer legitimate questions and/or to refute grossly misleading and sometimes downright lies, only to find my posting is subsequently removed as it does not serve the interests of the forum moderators who, like the sleazy press, make their ill-gotten gains through printing ‘scandal’. They don’t benefit by hearing truth or facts, so they remove it!

Secondly, driven by professional jealousy and resentment for others who are more successful sometimes competitors invent pseudonyms and post defamatory information which has absolutely no substance whatsoever, furthermore some of these individuals and organizations use an underhanded (and potentially illegal where a trademark is involved) practice of ‘tagging’, wherein they use a ‘keyword’ from their victims name in order to climb the Google rankings on the back of their ‘host’. Enigin PLC is currently preparing a case against one such individual. Stealing hard earned goodwill in this way is THEFT and I have personally already successfully sued one company for illegally “passing off” as one of my businesses and would not hesitate to do it again.

To hide their identity most of the scandalous postings use bogus, often stupid, pseudonyms. Think seriously, if someone has to resort to hiding their true identity, would it be wise to trust anything they say? Would you really allow your teenage daughter to meet up in private with a complete stranger she had got to know on an Internet forum?

Finally the WWW is awash with ‘Internet Trolls’. These sad creatures have nothing better to do than sit in their tiny bedrooms and waste literally hours scouring chat rooms and forums with the sole objective of inflicting their ‘expert’ opinions… solely to pump themselves up… and prove they’re alive. In my experience in life most people will happily express an opinion on virtually every subject if given the chance to do so. I had a gardener, a nice chap, who was very verbose and seemed to know his stuff. However he also had an opinion on a host of other topics besides gardening. I am sure if you were contemplating complex neurosurgery he would have an ‘opinion’ but one really needs to consider; whose opinion counts most?

Up until recently the Apple Mac App store was full of postings from people expressing their ‘expert’ opinion on various applications, often condemning them EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD NEVER USED THE APPLICATION THEMSELVES.In summary it is important that before one makes an investment of either time or money into anything, that a reasonable amount of due diligence takes place first.

However, we all need to consider carefully whose opinion we should listen to? If you decide to pursue a venture, or not as the case may be, please ensure you do it from a position of strength… ensure you are cognisant of the FACTS and make the decision either way for all the right reasons. You can make an important first step in this direction by always ensuring your information is truthful and correct from an unbiased and legitimate source.

For example, at Enigin we can introduce you to real people, both customers and business partners who will provide a candid opinion of their experience in dealing with us. Some of these have kindly let us film interviews with them, for which we are very grateful. You can see some of them now by visiting the Privileged Information Area at www.enigin.net or clicking the link below to view one of the videos.