Timing IS Everything

How often have we heard the term; “Timing IS Everything…” I have been in the energy saving business now for almost three decades and I have never been so excited about this industry. When I first started; “Carbon Footprint” was as a result of not wiping your feet when you came in the front door and “Climate Change” was what we in the UK desperately hoped for when booking our vacation… For the most part those early days involved a massive educational work – but now we live in a changing world with brand new opportunities to explore.

Today those Enigin Distributors who have a strong market presence are telling us people are ‘beating a path to their door’ in an effort to get their energy costs and consumption under control… and all the indicators point to the fact it will intensify in the next few years.

I believe that as organisations large and small in both the industrial and commercial sectors struggle to get control of their Carbon Footprint… against a background of consumer demand for companies and their products to become more ‘green’… substantial growth is inevitable – unstoppable!

First and foremost I would say that this is a great business to be in and with the current economic situation there has never been a better time to start. There is an interesting video on YouTube ’starring’ Ben Willcocks – Enigin Sales Director, that will help you understand why the timing is perfect… and there are also some interviews of real life entrepreneurs who have taken that ‘leap of faith’. Enjoy!