It’s a No-Brainer!

To me, a great benefit of delivering energy saving products and solutions to companies is that in most cases they don’t have to find ‘extra’ money to purchase the products because they are already spending the money on wasted energy anyway… and Enigin have the ability to PROVE the savings with the incredible Eniscope. YOUR objective should be to help businesses spend their money more wisely, and have something to show for the outlay other than a receipt with a paid stamp from the utilities company!

Warren Greshes, the world-renowned business guru, recently produced a series of podcasts for Enigin. The one he did on EnergyMaps is one of my favorites. He helps us all to appreciate why EnergyMaps is exactly what companies need right now to save money and increase profits.

6 min Podcast – Warren Greshes on EnergyMaps

(4.5 MB MP3)

Whenever I recommend energy saving solutions I always try to make them available on a “pay-as-you-save” basis (sometimes via a third party leasing company). Just to be clear, when a distributor teams up with a sales aid leasing company you actually invoice the leasing company in full and the leasing pay the distributor directly – normally within a few days following delivery and/or installation. This is also great on cash flow for both the distributor and the customer.


When you are able to defer the cost of the solution over several years and simply use some of the savings achieved to cover the lease costs it is a ‘no brainer’ for any business.

Naturally, whenever any of us make a buying decision we still of course need the motivation to act now, so no matter how good the proposition is; it still needs to be compelling and presented in a professional way. However if the consultant has done his or her job properly, conducted a thorough fact find and undertaken a full analysis of the site needs then it’s simply a matter of ‘matching’ those needs to the benefits of the solution or product offering. In it’s simplest form the oft-maligned profession of ’selling’ is all about finding out what people want – and then showing them how to get it… It’s about helping people solve their problems… and we all like people and companies who help solve our problems!

Here is a video of a client who is enjoying the benefits on an EnergyMaps installation, which gave him exactly what he was looking for.