Technically Speaking

Knotty Questions

Although we try our best to provide comprehensive information on all our products, here is a list of some additional knotty questions I have had to answer recently: – Q: We understand the basic functionality of your energy saving products and their benefits, but I need more information regarding the individual products (i.e., LESS, IMEC, (Read this article)

Let’s Get Technical…Load Side Products

Both Enigin partners and their customers continue to be highly impressed with not only the unique business tools we provide, but also the powerful and compelling benefits of ALL of the four stages of the Enigin – EnergyMaps programme, especially the new Eniscope. However, many of the questions raised with our technical development team relate (Read this article)

I Couldn’t Have Put It Better Myself…

Reading a recent independent technical report about the benefits of controlling large scale air-conditioning units the article went on to extol the virtues and cost-effectiveness of our Air Conditioning Energy Sensor.. to quote; “We residential and small business customers have to content ourselves with small investments in energy efficiency such as the Enigin Air Conditioning (Read this article)

Paradigm Paralysis

Now here’s that conundrum again… how can you save more energy than is actually being wasted? Remember that statement often bandied around by some ‘techies’, especially in online forums; “you can only save part of the energy that is being wasted”… I have referred to this in the past but now I would like to (Read this article)