Sales & Marketing

How To Improve The Way You Sound!

Communication comes more naturally in a face-to-face situation but when communicating by telephone it requires special skills to ensure that we establish good rapport, sound as if we mean what we are saying and communicate with confidence to achieve our objectives.

Why People Buy

It’s important that we understand the mechanism of the purchasing process – actually WHY do people buy things – what makes them part with money. Actually we all have far more to do with this process than we realise: after all we have all been customers many times. We like to think of ourselves as (Read this article)

Dynamics Of The Sales Process

Don’t believe that everyone who knows something about customers and products is automatically a professional salesperson. Anyone can take down and process orders but a true professional salesperson, while always remaining tactful and pleasant, must be dynamic enough to sweep away resistance and turn prospects into customers. It’s within the rich variations of the sales (Read this article)

Getting To Yes!

It’s winning paying customers that makes a business successful…certainly there is more to running a harmonious, profitable business than simply securing up-front orders, however, failing to secure enough quality business is definitely the cause of far more failures that anything else. As long as you are winning lot’s of quality profitable orders you have at (Read this article)

The ‘Snake Oil’ Salesman

‘Snake Oil’ salesman is a term I have occasionally seen posted by Trolls on Internet forums in an attempt to discredit the profession of sales and marketing. Professional marketing is an anathema to many such people and this derogatory expression is sometimes used carte blanche by individuals when in point of fact they know very (Read this article)