Business Matters

Timing IS Everything

How often have we heard the term; “Timing IS Everything…” I have been in the energy saving business now for almost three decades and I have never been so excited about this industry. When I first started; “Carbon Footprint” was as a result of not wiping your feet when you came in the front door and (Read this article)

Enigin Close the Door on Popular “Biz-Op”

From its initial inception Enigin has been synonymous with the company who offers a “Business Opportunity” to anyone who wants to get into the energy saving business, regardless of whether they had any previous business experience. The company believed it was possible to take an individual with no previous business experience and provide the training (Read this article)

It’s a No-Brainer!

To me, a great benefit of delivering energy saving products and solutions to companies is that in most cases they don’t have to find ‘extra’ money to purchase the products because they are already spending the money on wasted energy anyway… and Enigin have the ability to PROVE the savings with the incredible Eniscope. YOUR (Read this article)

MP Opens New R & D Facility

Stephen Gilbert is the current Parliamentary Private Secretary to Ed Davey MP, the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change UK based energy monitoring and efficiency specialists, Enigin PLC, will officially open a new research and development facility at their offices in St.Austell, Cornwall next month with a visit from Stephen Gilbert MP. (Read this article)

Whose Opinion Counts Most

We all make decisions in life which are influenced by not only what we see for ourselves but equally what we hear and read about from others – and it’s no exception when it comes to making business decisions especially those bigger life changing decisions like starting a new business! But how do we know (Read this article)

Established Energy Saving Business For Sale

One of the safest ways to get into business is to buy a going concern with a well-established trading pattern. I have recently been made aware of two businesses that are currently on the market: Business A. The company has been trading successfully in the Pacific Rim for four years and the last accounts show (Read this article)


I recently received an e-mail from Perry Marshal, someone I regard as an expert in the field of marketing, it made me reflect on how well some of the key people within Enigin are using their most valuable resource – their time. Because they are very effective people at most things there is the ever (Read this article)