Ian Wrigley FRSA

Energy Efficiency is no longer an option  – it’s a MUST!

Whether we are customers or promoters of energy saving solutions – Energy Efficiency presents us with the most readily available source of low cost energy because saving energy is considerably cheaper (and easier) than producing more. Why continue to generate ever-increasing amounts of energy when up to 40% of global consumption is potentially wasted?

But this presents a challenge for new emerging green technologies… which 40%?

How can client companies accurately evaluate products in an open and honest way? There is so much ‘fudge factor’ surrounding this industry and decision makers are keenly aware of the need to avoid the pitfalls of investing in the wrong technology. The wrong technology can actually INCREASE your energy consumption!

Client companies need hard facts, the real numbers so as to be able to make informed decisions about energy saving initiatives… and that’s one of the main drivers behind Enigin’s focus on EnergyMaps as the starting point for creating any robust energy management programme.

Eniscope, Enigin PLC’s Real-time Energy Management System, which is at the heart of each stage of the EnergyMaps process enables you to plug the energy leaks by selecting the most efficacious solutions for your facility in a totally risk free and transparent way.

All of us are involved in this drive for a greener economy and need to create a more secure environment wherein both developers of ethically proven Energy Saving Solutions, like those provided by Enigin Plc, can be installed in an environment where customers feel reassured – confidently knowing that all benefits are measurable and quantifiable.

From both a moral and a financial perspective, investing to energy saving solutions is the most sensible and beneficial thing to do. Thanks to Enigin and the all-new Eniscope, businesses around the world can save money and reduce their carbon
footprint safely and securely.

Enigin PLC… helping businesses like you to Profit With Integrity